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Spas Manufacturer – Why to choose OXYGEN SPAS


We manage the production and the customer services with much efficiency. 


A foreign experimented Team

Spas Manufacturer led by a French engineer with many years of experience, OXYGEN SPAS is specialized in SPAS and SWIM SPAS. Our team is composed of multi cultural people with many different kinds of skills , that permit us to manage our clients with the best efficiency.

Creative & Design

We know more than only the supply chain. Our knowledge of the distribution in the different countries permit us to study and elaborate the best design with the best conception. 

Strong and efficient production follow up

The production team is leading by a very professional production manager to avoid any mistakes. The production is following up carefuly. All the products have to pass a strong water-testing and specifications control. Each product is delivered with a control report and our dealers can have access to the shooting made during this control. The container loading is also surveyed to be sure of nothing is forgotten.

Logistics management

We handle for your the organisation of your containers in partnership with the best shipping companies. The target is : to avoid you any headaches and always get the best quotation as possible.  



SPA SHELL - Aristech acrylics


The shell is the more important - We use ARISTECH ACRYLICS

All manufacturers and dealers know about bad shell manufacturing. The results are blistering and delaminations. 

OXYGEN SPAS follow a process well studied to avoid this troubles and make a stong and high quality spa shell.

  • Heating the acrylic sheet at the best temperature
  • Perfect cleaning of the mold to make the shell
  • Apply a primer vinylester resin layer 
    • High Heat Distortion Temperature >100℃
    • Excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance
    • Comply with US FDA regulation
  • Apply 4 layers of fiberglass with epoxy resign
  • Drying the shell between each layer in a special OVEN.

SPA FRAME - Wood and Steel mix

OXYGEN SPAS has developped a strong spa frame with a mix of steel and wood. The shell put on steel feet for good stability and the frame is in treated wood with reinforcement. 

  • Steel feet for stability
  • Pressure treated Wood with reinforcement for a strong structure 
  • Fiberglass base
Spas Structure-01

SPA FRAME - Wood and Steel mix

SPAS Shell-01

OXYGEN SPAS apply a powerful insulation at the back of the shell with a special high density foam to conserve the heat.OXYGEN SPAS are also equipped with aluminium foil insulation at the back of the skirts to keep the heat dissipated by the pumps.

OXYGEN SPAS can also apply for XPS Insulation : a very high quality insulation for very cold countries.

PLUMBING - High quality

OXYGEN SPAS makes high quality plumbing using both gluted and clapsed onto the fasteners to prevent leakages. Each pump is placed between two valves for easier maintenance. The control system is also placed between 2 valves. 

Pump and valves 1-01




OXYGEN SPAS use Balboa Watergroup technology. We choosed the highest quality spa control system to permit to our spas be  " connected ", we use BP Serie WIFI ready. Users can add the special option " OXYGEN iToouch " and he will be able to control all functions of his spa using his Iphone or Android system .


ADVANTAGES to use BP serie :


1 - More adaptable : All TP panels control can be adatped to the BP serie.

2 - From Panel TP 800 en more...all explanations are written more clearly on the panel control.

3 - BP serie is ready for Wifi . It's possible to add Wifi module. You can control your spa from anywhere you have an Internet connexion using your Device and Balboa apps.

4 - Bluetooth is synchronized from panel TP800 and more.

5 - BP serie allow to link a fulcolor panel control and also touch panel.

6 - From BP 2100 , even if electricity shut down. The control system keep in Memory all program data.


CABINET colors

Skirt color

From left to right


1 - CAFEE     2 - BORDEAUX     3 - EBENE     4 - GREY      5 - SAND


High Quality audio system - AQUATIC AV


The AQ-DM-4UBT Digital Media Locker™ is a high quality, robust and durable waterproof marine grade stereo for use with Bluetooth, USB, iPhone, iPod, MP3 and FM radio.

Simply insert your digital media device (iPhone, iPod, USB or MP3) into the locker, close the door and turn it on!  Control your device via the external door controls or remotely using the fully waterproof, floating 2-way RF (Radio Frequency) remote control.  The remote has a range of 40ft and displays song and track information on the LCD screen.


A by-pass is installed on each OXYGEN SPAS. That's permit a water deviation to an external heating system like a Heat Pump. In this case ,  the electic balboa heater is disactivated. OXYGEN Energy heating allow you to save 3 to 5 more Energy than the typical electric system.


spas manufactuer100 % of the production is followed up by MOZAIIK , specialist in quality control of spas. 100% of spas are tested by a water-testing, 100 % of spas are checked depending on the Proforma Invoice established. Each loading is surveyed. The client have a special access to a Cloud and is able to see all photos, videos made during quality control and can download the QC reports of each spa.                       

spas manufactuer

For Express delivery service in EUROPE, we are partner with BOOSPA , the best spas parts supplier in Europe. When you become our client you get partner number. When you contact BOOSPA with this number you can get the bottom price and also you can be delivered within 48-72 h.  (  )